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The two guards, Ganso-san and Evans-san apologized, but…

They were still glaring at me.

「Haa… I am sorry, Allen-sama. It seems that both of them are a little tense due to “that incident.”」

「That incident? …Aa, I see.」

That incident is probably the time when Tenshi-sama attacked me.

Looking closely, Ganso-san and Evans-san were two of the people who were pierced through their abdomens by that guy’s rampaging darkness.

(From their point of view, the person who stabbed them and Tenshi-sama are having a talk together in a friendly manner, huh…)

Of course, they would feel uneasy.

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This abnormal vigilance and hostility also makes sense.

「Nee, Allen. What’s going on…?」Ria, who did not know about that incident, tilted her head curiously.

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「Aa, just a little something. It’s not a big deal, so don’t worry too much.」

「Is that right? Well, if Allen says so…」

And now that the matter of abnormal vigilance has been settled,

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「「–Excuse me.」」

Ria and I sat down in the chair in front of us and got into the discussion.

「Allen-sama. I am very grateful that you agreed to visit the palace in spite of my sudden summon. Also, thank you for coming along, Ria-sama.」

Sitting across from us, Tenshi-sama bowed her head slightly.