Do I sell a film online?

Do I sell a film online?

“A bit more... even so... I can’t get it.”

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I’m trying to hit the target, but I can’t.

High-speed lefts lash out while tossing him around with my steps.

However, as if he was reading my movements ahead of time, Wacha handled them, and just when I thought I’d hit him, he’s gone.

“【Great Demon Jab】!”

My jab can’t be evaded after seeing it.

But this guy could evade it.

To think that he’s avoiding all this by anticipating my movements with only his experience and intuition, he’s quite formidable.

Because there was no strategy.

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And I’m not just running around.

“Howacha! Howa, 【Arcane True Zenith Jeet Kune Do】!”


If I’m not careful, he’ll land a counter in between my left-handed strikes.

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Moreover, feet, elbows, fingers, back fists.

He also attacked with the parts of the body that I can’t use.

I guess this is what it means to have a lot to draw from.

“Howacha! 【Arcane True Zenith Short Strong(Fajin)】!”

“【Great Demon Left Corkscrew】!”

My left and Wacha’s right clashed.