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“W-What’s wrong? Why are you looking at my eyes.”

“It’s nothing…Hmm, good to know that. Yes. Sorry for the simple diet.”

“Uh, why are you saying that like you cooked it.”

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Chiaki chuckled…W-What’s wrong with this girl? I feel like she found out a new way to tease me.

I shrugged helplessly before grabbing my phone out of the pocket and checked GOM. So, Chiaki quickly noticed it and reminded me.

“You’re on your phone while walking.”

“Why are you saving that up until now? There’s no one around, and the path is wide, please just leave me alone.”

“…But you’re on your phone while walking.”

How annoying. I let out a helpless sigh and stopped as I went to the side of the road to check my game. Although we distanced ourselves from everyone else for a bit, it’ll be quick to check, so everything should be fine.

Chiaki laughed. “Good boy.” Then, she stood next to me and checked her game as well.

“You’re playing too?”

“Of course, I’m here to play this.”


Chiaki stayed next to me cheerfully. She checked the location around her with a face full of excitement…Jeez.

(The part that I hate the most is that I can actually understand what she’s thinking…)

Our views for everything are almost identical. This hurts my brain.