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The fact that I appeared to not hold any sort of strong interest towards Satou.

"I-If you wouldn't mind, for future reference......could you please tell me your reason, I wonder? Is it because you have someone else you like?".

"That's not the case. It's just, at this stage I can't go out with you. It's genuinely a problem with my own feelings".

In a situation where one is not in love with their partner, to choose to go out with them nevertheless would be insulting.

That is my reason on the front.

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It is a respectable reason I should be confronting Satou with.

"It doesn't matter if it's Satou, or the one who unrelatedly came up in the conversation before, Horikita, or whether it's Kushida, the answer to all of them is the same. Even though I don't like you, going out with you regardless is something I cannot do".

Of course, even if it's Airi, who is probably thinking that internally as well, I would have given the same answer. It's only a matter of whether or not she decides to directly confront me with her feelings.

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"It may be a pathetic story but I've never even once seriously fallen in love with a member of the opposite sex yet. That is why, it's not a matter of dumping you or anything, it just means I haven't matured enough to be capable of romance yet".

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"......I see".

I cannot do anything else but have her accept that fact.

"I may have rushed it too much. That's right, with just one date, you still won't know anything about your partner".

Even as she furrowed, as though attempting to convince herself Satou nodded over and over.

The confession, and the reply to it too, both of them must have required a tremendous amount of courage.