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『That is why you must be hearty in order to move on. Before our goals, we must first acquire the strength and knowledge to survive living alone.』

Right. At the time of our departure... well, the great feat of ‘surpassing my father’ that I pledged three hours ago.

Before I do that, I have to be man enough to do something about this.

That’s why Tre’ainar’s words about me raising my voice to this degree, I’ll be considerate in the future.

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“Wow... All right, I...... so...... ah, there was...”

With that said, when I glanced down, I noticed a large mushroom growing at the base of a tree, and crouched before that...

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“If I find something like this, I can eat it...”

『Well, such bravery can discipline the mind, By the way, tis a poisonous mushroom called ‘Giggling Mushroom (Bakushotake)’.』

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『If consumed, dizziness, chills and neurological symptoms, and in some cases mental disorders such as visual and auditory hallucinations...』 [4]

“Hold on, that’s too dangerous!? I had no idea, did I?”

Dangerous. If my hunger had reached the limit, I might have casually eaten this mushroom.

With poisons being commonplace in the forest, acquiring food is a challenge.

『Hmm. Well, do not worry. I shall inform you of survival in the forest. In times past, I would occasionally take a break in-between political affairs by going on a ‘solo camp’ retreat.』

Tre’ainar speaking so freely is a new facet.