how to invest money in stocks

how to invest money in stocks

At 10 in the morning, the cell phone started selling again!

The sales volume rose rapidly at the start but slowed down almost immediately. It was obvious that the momentum stopped. Pei Qian’s mood was getting better as he watched the sales volume change.

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Great, it was exactly the same as what he estimated, perhaps even better!

Many people would not be so eager to rush to buy after paying a deposit during pre-order. There were plenty of stocks this time so it was not as popular as the first two waves.

The sales volume reached 4,100 units after an hour, and it was increasing at a snail’s crawl.

Pei Qian felt that it was about there. It would be difficult for the sales volume to exceed 5,000 units even if he took into account that there were another two hours to purchase.

He reached the goal of 4,000 units of remaining stock with ease! Chang You was very nervous when Boss Pei stood up.

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He also knew that there was no point in watching the sales volume today any further.

Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Boss Pei, don’t worry, I’ll continue to keep an eye on the sales volume and think of other ways! I’ll definitely solve the problem of the remaining stock!”

Chang You quickly showed his determination.

The corner of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched. “Think of another way?”

Please, please don’t!

The situation now is perfect! No one wants the cell phone anymore! Don’t struggle, let them rest in the warehouse and become obsolete!

Can’t you feel the pain of a lovely cell phone being marketed? No, you can’t! You cannot only care about yourself!

Pei Qian shook his head. “Our strategy has no problem. Your top priority should not be on marketing. Your priority now should be on production!”

“Put all the money into production. I want to see 14,000 units of OTTO cell phones in the warehouse before next Wednesday!”

Chang You’s lips parted slightly, unable to speak.

Stock up even more? It was not selling anymore! Yet, we are going to stock up 14,000 units? It would be great if they could sell the 4,000 stock on hand now. It would not be too late to stock up then! Pei Qian asked the dazed Chang You. “Can you do it?”