Can they make money?

Can they make money?

After pondering very hard, Pei Qian had decided that he had had no choice but to spot the questions.

He had spent a significant amount of time yesterday researching on all the games that He An had worked on. Of course, he could not play every single one of them. Thus, he briefly watched related videos and then read the games’ walkthroughs and reviews. He needed to acquire this basic knowledge. As long as he did not perform ridiculously and he expressed his sincerity by offering higher fees, he would probably be able to win Boss He over.

After researching on the games that He An had worked on, Pei Qian realized that this man was indeed an experienced and well-respected elder in the local game industry. He An was born in 1969 and was 42 this year. At a tender age of twenty, he had developed his first casual game. After that, he developed a standalone RPG that was well-known in the industry, and he rose to success. Then, he established his own company, Mengguo Games.

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He had started working on his most recent game, a multiplayer war RPG, three years ago. Until now, it was still in operation and doing very well. However, after developing this game, he became very well-accomplished and went into semi-retirement.

A big boss like that had truly witnessed the ups and downs of the local game industry. He had also accomplished great success for multiple game genres and was well worthy of teaching most game designers in the country.

Ordinary people probably would not get to engage his services.

However, therein lay the problem.

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There was way too much content for Pei Qian to memorize at last-minute notice!

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There were so many games that Pei Qian could only afford to briefly learn about all of them. If He An asked him a deep question, he would probably not have an answer.

Pei Qian was extremely helpless, but he had not had much time and photographic memory. What’s more, some games were extremely old. Although they had been famous in the past, Pei Qian had never heard of them. He was counting on pure memory, and so one could only imagine how much he remembered.

Still, he had no other option. He could only depend on his good luck and raw skills. As he tried to memorize the content, forty minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

“Boss He, this way.” Little Sun pushed open the door to the cafe and entered. A middle-aged man, who looked to be in his forties, followed behind him.

Pei Qian immediately recognized He An. He looked younger than he did in his photographs. Although he looked slightly slovenly in dress and manner, he still subconsciously and effortlessly exuded the confidence of a successful middle-aged man.

Pei Qian stood up to welcome him and then shook his hand.

“Boss He, how are you?”

He An smiled warmly. “Are you Boss Ma? It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Pei Qian smiled back and nodded. “That’s right. I’m Ma Yang. Boss He, please take a seat.”

Both men took their seats. After making sure that Boss He had settled down, Little Sun ordered coffee from one of the waiters and then went back out to wait in the car.