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When I make eye contact, she quickly turns away, and if I try to get close, she’ll get far from me.

But if I leave her as is for a while, she starts making a lonely face.

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Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai were grinning and said, “Don’t worry about it.”, but…

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(It’s almost three weeks now. I am a little worried.)

Obvious suspicious behavior.

Maybe there’s『something』that she wants to tell me.

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(Yoshi. The next time we’re alone, let’s indirectly ask her about it.)

I kept swinging my sword today too, thinking about that.

February 1st. Today is the long awaited entrance examination of Thousand Blade Academy.

The current time is 8:30 a.m., just thirty minutes before the start of the test.

Ria, Rose, and I, who were appointed as the examiners, went to Thousand Blade Academy early and were in the middle of readying for it.

(Fuu, I’m really nervous.)

The main office of the entrance examination executive committee is the classroom of Year 1 Class A.

Taking an exam is one of the biggest events in life.

(The examinees have been training hard for three years in middle-school for this day.)

Now that I have been appointed as the examiner, with that awareness and strong sense of responsibility in mind, I must carry it out without any mistakes,

(…It’s okay, no problem.)

I looked through every inch of the entrance examination guidelines many times.