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No, I should say that he had recognised Nagumo’s strength from the very beginning.

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He just couldn’t accept the way Nagumo handled things.

Maybe Nagumo wanted Horikita to acknowledge his method of solving problems.

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“That felt like a young girl proclaiming her love.”

“Maybe. I’ve already inquired about what Horikita-senpai will do in the future, and I will chase after him.”

There wasn’t a hint of remorse or regret in Nagumo’s expression.

Was he purely enjoying the contest with Horikita to the very end?

“Even after graduation? Really? Even the path you take in life has to be the same as Horikita-senpai?”

“Yes. At least that’s the current me’s objective.”

“Ah~ You really do like Horikita-senpai.”

“I don’t have any rivals in the second year, and of course, none in the first year as well. I only have one thing left to do in this school. That is, to directly transform the structure of the school, and make this boring school more interesting.”

Half of Nagumo Miyabi’s time as student council president had already passed.