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Of course, he would not get all the money at one shot. Instead, money would be transferred into the account weekly. Pei Qian still had to come up with a procedure for spending on the various projects and invest accordingly. He could not spend it all in one

Pei Qian was still calculating when someone knocked on his door. He looked up to see Li Yada.

“Boss… Boss Pei. Er… are we planning to work on a new game?

“Or should we come up with downloadable content for Repent and be Saved?

“Everyone… everyone’s a little bored.”

She was actually coming to ask for more work? Pei Qian did not like this kind of proactive behavior.

However, he did not say much in response. He only acted like he was in deep thought as he said, “Don’t rush. Let everyone conserve their strength for the big push. I will give all of you a very important task soon.”

Pei Qian had not even thought about what task he should give to Tengda’s games department.

The chances of them succeeding at conventional games were too high. Pei Qian could not bring himself to make them work on those.

He could not allow another money tree to grow from the fifty million yuan he was about to spend on the next game. That would achieve the opposite effect that Boss Pei wanted.

Li Yada nodded. “Ah, alright. Boss Pei, when you’re ready to hand the task to us, feel free to look for me.”

After Li Yada left, Pei Qian slumped back in his seat listlessly.

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It’s so difficult being the boss! I have to rack my brains every single day for work to give to my employees. If I give them two days of rest, they would come up to my office to ask for more work.

That’s really intolerable!

Ding! Ding!

He received a message on his cell phone. Pei Qian picked it up and saw that it was from Chang You.

“Boss Pei, the team has more or less been formed. I’ll arrange for someone to choose an office location this week. We’ll be more or less officially ready for work next week.

“Also, our designer felt very moved after receiving the moving allowance and came up with possible logos for Otto Technologies overnight. Please take a look.”

There was an image attached to the message.