Can I have to be retrieved online?

Can I have to be retrieved online?

The door which the servant was guarding flew open. A clerk appeared,and made sign that he wished to speak.

"Gentlemen," he began, "M. de Thaller has just come; but he is justnow engaged with the examining judge."Shouts having drowned his voice, he withdrew precipitately.

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"If the law gets its finger in," murmured the discreet gentleman,"good-by!""That's a fact," said another. "But we will have the preciousadvantage of hearing that dear baron condemned to one year'simprisonment, and a fine of fifty francs. That's the regular rate.

He wouldn't get off so cheap, if he had stolen a loaf of bread froma baker.""Do you believe that story about the judge?" interrupted rudely thebig man.

They had to believe it, when they saw him appear, followed by acommissary of police and a porter, carrying on his back a load ofbooks and papers. They stood aside to let them pass; but there wasno time to make any comments, as another clerk appeared immediatelywho said,"M. de Thaller is at your command, gentlemen. Please walk in."There was then a terrible jamming and pushing to see who would getfirst into the directors' room, which stood wide open.

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M. de Thaller was standing against the mantel-piece, neither palernor more excited than usual, but like a man who feels sure ofhimself and of his means of action. As soon as silence was restored,"First of all, gentlemen," he began, "I must tell you that the boardof directors is about to meet, and that a general meeting of thestockholders will be called."Not a murmur. As at the touch of a magician's wand, the dispositionsof the shareholders seemed to have changed.

"I have nothing new to inform you of," he went on. "What happensis a misfortune, but not a disaster. The thing to do was to savethe company; and I had first thought of calling for funds.""Well," said two or three timid voices, "If it was absolutelynecessary -""But there is no need of it.""Ah, ah!""And I can manage to carry every thing through by adding to ourreserve fund my own personal fortune."This time the hurrahs and the bravos drowned the voice.

M. de Thaller received them like a man who deserves them, and,more slowly,"Honor commanded it," he continued. "I confess it, gentlemen, thewretch who has so basely deceived us had my entire confidence. Youwill understand my apparent blindness when you know with whatinfernal skill he managed."Loud imprecations burst on all sides against Vincent Favoral. Butthe president of the Mutual Credit proceeded,"For the present, all I have to ask of you is to keep cool, andcontinue to give me your confidence.""Yes, yes!

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"The panic of night before last was but a stock-gambling manoeuvre,organized by rival establishments, who were in hopes of taking ourclients away from us. They will be disappointed, gentlemen. Wewill triumphantly demonstrate our soundness; and we shall come outof this trial more powerful than ever."It was all over. M. de Thaller understood his business. Theyoffered him a vote of thanks. A smile was beaming upon the samefaces that were a moment before contracted with rage.

One stockholder alone did not seem to share the general enthusiasm:

he was no other than our old friend. M. Chapelain, the ex-lawyer.

"That fellow, Thaller, is just capable of getting himself out ofthe scrape," he grumbled. "I must tell Maxence."

We have every species of courage in France, and to a superiordegree, except that of braving public opinion. Few men would havedared, like Marius de Tregars, to offer their name to the daughterof a wretch charged with embezzlement and forgery, and that at thevery moment when the scandal of the crime was at its height. But,when Marius judged a thing good and just, he did it withouttroubling himself in the least about what others would think. Andso his mere presence in the Rue. St. Gilles had brought back hopeto its inmates. Of his designs he had said but a word, - "I havethe means of helping you: I mean, by marrying Gilberte, to acquirethe right of doing so."But that word had been enough.. Mme. Favoral and Maxence hadunderstood that the man who spoke thus was one of those cool andresolute men whom nothing disconcerts or discourages, and who knowshow to make the best of the most perilous situations.

And, when he had retired with the Count de Villegre,"I don't know what he will do," said Mlle. Gilberte to her motherand her brother: "but he will certainly do something; and, if itis humanly possible to succeed, he will succeed."And how proudly she spoke thus! The assistance of Marius was thejustification of her conduct. She trembled with joy at the thoughtthat it would, perhaps, be to the man whom she had alone and boldlyselected, that her family would owe their salvation. Shaking hishead, and making allusion to events of which he kept the secret,"I really believe," approved Maxence, "that, to reach the enemiesof our father, M. de Tregars possesses some powerful means; and whatthey are we will doubtless soon know, since I have an appointmentwith him for to-morrow morning."It came at last, that morrow, which he had awaited with an impatiencethat neither his mother nor his sister could suspect. And towardshalf-past nine he was ready to go out, when M. Chapelain came in.

Still irritated by the scenes he had just witnessed at the MutualCredit office, the old lawyer had a most lugubrious countenance.