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Still no reaction!

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This game can’t be paused!

Qiao Liang was completely stunned.

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In his moment of astoundedness, he lost his focus and missed a turn, driving off the road and sinking into the sand.

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Eight simple alphabets appeared on his screen.

Jaws agape, Qiao Liang fell into disbelief.

This game had truly redefined his knowledge of trashy games!

No. Strictly speaking, this can’t be considered as a trashy game.

Trashy games were often due to a lack of quality, funding or objectivity from the side of the creators that leads to a compromise in certain aspects such that gamers would get a sense that it was poorly made.

But, this game was different.

It seemed as though it was aiming to disgust others!

Why else would it not have a pause function or a save point, displaying a game over at every single failure?

“Hold on, this is interesting...”

“Perhaps, this might be popular as a diss video?”

Qiao Liang cooked his noodles hurriedly and started analyzing the game’s title and summary.