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“You mean『that person』you told me about, right? Hmm, nope, nothing comes to mind.”

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Before the special exam started, I asked Kei to go check on a certain something for me.

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I did this in consideration of the possibility that the White Room student would try and come in contact with Kei.

However, it didn’t seem like anything had happened so far.

“Just in case, I’ve noted down everybody I’ve come in contact with on my tablet.”

She opened up the notepad app on her tablet and showed me a list of all the different students and groups she’d interacted with over the past three days.

It primarily consisted of second-years, with essentially no contact with first or third-years.

As expected, they wouldn’t let themselves get caught that easily.

“By. The. Way.”

She suddenly leaned in very close to my face and peered into my eyes.

“I heard that first-year girl back at the campsite has been traveling around with you, Kiyotaka.”

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“Word travels fast, it seems.”