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“This is a long-term war. Only those who can smile till the end were the best!”

Zhao Xuming quickly said, “Understood!”

“Boss Pei’s move can be said to be cutting off all means of retreat and fighting with one’s back to the river. Even though it can greatly motivate morale in the short term, it is lacking in momentum.”

“In other words, Boss Pei did not give himself much room to retreat. The longer we persevere, the more advantageous it would be for us!”

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“I will definitely observe Tengda’s movements at all times and not miss any clues!”

Zhao Xuming felt much more at ease after hanging up.

Previously, he had been a little shocked by the benefits of the 515 Game Festival. It was like when he had tried to add a few more chips at the gambling table, but Boss Pei directly went all in. This had caused a huge psychological pressure on Zhao Xuming. He also had deep doubts about the strategy that he had prepared.

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However, now that he had calmed down and thought about it, there seemed to be another way to interpret this matter.

Tengda Corporation’s money could not be generated out of thin air, right? There would be a time when it would be spent. The inventory of the smart fitness drying rack was piled up like a mountain. The movies and games of Mission and Choice were still in the remuneration cycle. Coupled with Tengda’s other industries in development... Tengda should not have much money left.

Was Boss Pei bluffing?

He wanted to scare Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation away by making it seem like he had sufficient funds and was not afraid of the price war?

Boss Pei was very crafty. He loved playing mind games.

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He wanted to see if Tengda would be able to fork out more money after the 515-game festival as long as Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation’s money-splitting activities could continue!

The more Zhao Xuming thought about it, the more he felt that the situation was not as pessimistic as he had initially thought. Instead, he became more optimistic!

He calmed down and went to sleep.

May 16th, Wednesday...

Binhu District.

Qiao Liang was fighting alongside a few fans in GOG.

“Kill, kill, kill! The opposing Mage doesn’t have any ults!”