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「Always thinking about swordsmanship.」

「Is that so? I feel shy…」

「「It’s not a compliment!」」

And when the three of us were enjoying ourselves while floating in the floating rings,



「Ria, Rose!?」

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Suddenly something emerged from the sea – the two on the float were turned upside down due to the momentum.

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And then, they appeared from the sea,

「-Hahaa! This is tonight’s dinner!」

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「Amazing, Sid! You grabbed a swimming fish!」

It was Sid-san, who grabbed two fishes in both hands each, and Cain-san who praised it.

「Sid-san, Cain-san!? W-Why were you under there!?」

「Aa?… What was that, Allen?」

「Oo, Allen-sama! I am deeply sorry for frightening you. Currently we are trying to experience『dive fishing』…This is really interesting!」