No money to make money on the Internet

No money to make money on the Internet

…When it ended up like this, people will start to seriously wonder who did I write this “afterword” for, and why did I publish it. If I just made the topic a bit more serious, I can write a super stern article called “The reason I was born is…” that contradicts itself. Perhaps this is even a precious plot that can be adapted into a Hollywood movie in the name of ATOGAKI. [Note: Atogaki means afterword.] I’m just making that up. Also, I think I might have used this topic already.

Anyway, because of that, I need to write a lengthy afterword again.

However, about the pages of the afterword, it’s really decided by fate. So, sometimes there will be a bunch of long ones, and sometimes a bunch of short ones. But, somehow, I don’t feel good of the latter, the difference is way too much, and it bothers me. I feel like it would be better to just give up my “no adjustment” style, but I already created a reputation bafflingly. I think the consumers will furiously complain if I suddenly started using additives now, what a difficult situation.

Even so, …for example, in those travel shows where it’s only fun when the cast met an unfortunate accident, if the director suddenly forced some activities in, I’ll also feel like “That’s not what the audience wants to see!” However, when I saw those episodes with no accidents at all, I will also complain, “This is really boring.”

By applying that principle, in other words, I’m now in the eternal hell of “didn’t explicitly adjust the word count, but it’s long for some reason…” The cast in this show will eventually explode. In the future afterwords, if I suddenly-

Well, please watch the following Fibonacci sequence for a while.

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0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89. 144, 255…

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When I started writing stuff like this, it would be really helpful if the readers can write a letter to the editors and say, “Please let Aoi-sensei rest more.” However, I guess the editor should worry first since he’s the one that read the draft of this afterword.

By the way, if the editorial department cares about my mental health, I feel like it’s time for me to act brainy and bring up a “Long Afterword Termination Plan” out. For example…

“Although I’m sorry for Aoi-sensei, …please include advertisement this time, no matter what! I beg you! Initially, we also hoped to read sensei’s incredible afterwords too! But you need to preserve the editor’s reputation too! Please be considerate!”

If the editorial department is willing to bow down and beg me, it’s not like I can’t fondle with my mustache and…

“Well, if you guys are saying that, it can’t be helped. For the readers, and for the reputation of ‘lengthy afterwords,’ I wanted to write a long afterword too. But I’m impressed by your enthusiasm. Alright, I decided to…not write a lengthy afterword this time!”