cost of money

cost of money


“Their objective is purely to get Ayanokōji-senpai expelled from the school. I don’t think they’re very interested in what your past is like, Kushida-senpai.”

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It didn’t matter if they were interested in it or not.

I simply couldn’t stand the thought of living in the same general space as someone who had their hands on my sensitive information.

Just why couldn’t anyone else understand that?

“Besides, those four are all first-year students. They basically have nothing to do with a second-year like you, Kushida-senpai.”

“Hah! Don’t make me laugh… You do know we’re in the middle of fighting each other on a freaking island right now, right? When the time comes that I have to go against them, they’ll have something to lord over my head!”

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Inevitably, this would end up putting me at a disadvantage.

If they blackmailed me with the threat of disclosing everything, it wouldn’t matter what school year they were in; I’d have no choice but to comply with their every demand.

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“Yes, I suppose that’s true. Looking at it from Senpai’s perspective, that must be awfully important.”

Yagami conceded, admitting to understanding where I was coming from.

“That being said, it would be nigh-impossible to get those four expelled right now. Or am I wrong?”

“Are you looking down on me? You’d best not get too carried away.”