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An indescribable and incredibly awkward atmosphere radiated between us two. …This is not just the awkwardness after the Christmas party.

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The thing that freaked me out the most is that…Chiaki looks way too beautiful in a kimono.


Chiaki blushed embarrassingly, and she hastily hid behind Konoha-san. For some reason, I also felt like I just saw something I wasn’t supposed to look at. So, I can’t help but look away. …If there’s only the two of us, perhaps we’ll really just bid farewell to each other quietly since it’s too awkward. However, of course, our little brother and sister won’t allow something like that.

Their rivalry disappeared immediately. Kousei and Konoha-san immediately synced with each other.

“Ah, Chiaki-senpai! Happy New Year! Hiya, you’re in a kimono! Onii-san, you should come to look at Chiaki-senpai in a kimono too!”

“Eh? Ah, uh, okay…”

I was forced to come forward. So, in front of me, Chiaki was pushed by Konoha-san forcefully as well.

“Yeah! Senpai, please look at my onee-chan in a kimono! Due to the implicit patterns and colors, it just makes onee-chan seems even prettier! She dressed this just for you, senpai!”

“EH? No, it’s not like that. T-T-The reason I wore this is because Konoha forced me-“

“Let’s forget about that, senpai! What do you think!? How do you feel about this!?”

“Eh? W-Why are you asking…”