Nanjing online part-time earning method

Nanjing online part-time earning method

“I can toss it into the fire.”

“Are you a demon?”

“Even so, it’s still a useless piece of trash.”

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“Please don’t.”

I don’t think I can get the sample. It’s time for me to give up, ..but I tried one last time.

“Perhaps Amano-senpai will be envious of you.”

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“I’m taking the sample.”

She immediately made up her mind.

Conclusion: Recently, I think it’s pretty easy to manipulate my twisted onee-chan.

Chapter 30 – Eiichi Mizumi and Dog Food

[Dog food means getting diabetes from sweetness overdose.]

Keita and Karen started going out. Where does Karen find Keita attractive…?

“Tendou-san, what do you usually talk about with Amano-kun?”

In the Game Club, I asked Tendou-san this question while I’m taking a break.

She thought about it for a while and asked me.

“We confess our love to each other.”

“Uwah, acute diabetes from the first bite…”

I immediately retreated from the overdose.