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There probably aren't that many students who would challenge Sudou after knowing of his strength.

This meaningless competition ends with this, is what I thought but.......

"Alpha? Don't make me laugh, Sudou".

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Yahiko came over to the boisterously laughing Sudou.

However, Sudou only took one glance at Yahiko's naked body before ignoring him. Since Yahiko did not cover up his front, the contest ended without a fight.

"You're no match for me".

"That may be so.......but I'm not your opponent here".

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"It doesn't matter who my opponent is. The alpha is Class D's---".

"No, Ken. We're Class C, Class C".

"...that's right. Class C's Sudou Ken-sama is the alpha here!".

"You're just a cut above the bottom. Don't think you can beat Class A's Katsuragi-san!".

Apparently it's not Yahiko he'll be fighting but rather, the man Yahiko admires so much: Katsuragi.

Said Katsuragi said on a chair and was in the process of reaching for the shampoo to wash his head with.

I was curious about which part exactly he's going to apply the shampoo to but this isn't the place to ask that.

"Stop it, Yahiko. I have no interest in this pointless contest".

"I can't allow that. This is about a man's pride, no, we have to win since it's Class A's dignity on the line here!".