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Still, there was a hint of hope in the helplessness, which came from Boss Pei. Only Boss Pei could save him now.

Bao Xu quickly made his plea. “Boss Pei! This time is different from Li Yada’s! Huang Sibo absolutely can travel on his own. I don’t have to follow him!”

Pei Qian patted Bao Xu’s shoulder sympathetically. “I know. However, Huang Sibo’s choice is completely legitimate. I can’t say anything about it.”

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Pei Qian was comforting Bao Xu on the surface, but his expression clearly said: ‘you can’t blame me now because it has nothing to do with me. Huang Sibo was the one who chose you by name!’

Everyone applauded to celebrate.

Indeed, a Best Employee Selection ceremony where Brother Bao did not have to go overseas would be incomplete! They had felt like something was missing before, but the gap was filled now! For some reason, they all felt complete!

Bao Xu remained silent for a long time. With his expression somber, he said, “Boss Pei, I want to go to the Great Rift Valley, Sahara Desert, and Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa this time!”

Pei Qian was elated. “Of course!”

You actually chose those places on your own? That’s awesome! That’s exactly what I was thinking!

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Huang Sibo’s smile froze on his face as question marks filled his mind.

The Great Rift Valley, the Sahara Desert, and Mount Kilimanjaro? Are those places where normal people would go to have fun? Why would Bao Xu want to go and play there?

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Bao Xu sniggered.

Brother Huang, we may be good friends, but you’ve done me in this time so don’t blame me for hitting back! If you start this off, what kind of culture would you be creating?