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“Well, somewhat. Is there something wrong with that?”

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“As I’ve got the advantage of choosing the subject we’ll compete in, I’ve just been wondering if you’ve been taking enough time to study.”

“Why? Are you trying to show humanity to your enemy or something?”

“No way. I’m not so kind that I’d give up my own advantage. This is a competition I must win.”

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Although she says this, she still seemed to care about whether I was studying properly or not.

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In other words, she was worried that I’d end up making excuses if I lost our bet, saying that I had been too busy with the special exam to study.

“I could say the same to you, given that you’ve spent all your time trying to put Class 2-D in order recently.”

“I’m just as diligent with my studies as always, so there are no problems on my end.”

It seemed she was pretty confident in her daily study routine.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to lose.”

“It’s fine if that’s the case, but…”

She didn’t exactly trust me so she didn’t really think I was taking our bet very seriously.

There was one more thing I wanted to ask her in relation to that. Horikita had many different shoes to fill. On top of working to organize the class, she had to both study for herself, and tutor others. I wasn’t sure if she could keep this pace until the day of the exam. However, just as I was about to ask her about it, Nanase arrived at the library alone. She noticed the two of us immediately, bowing her head before she approached. It seemed that Hōsen wouldn’t be showing up for the initial discussion.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, Senpai.”

“We only just got here ourselves.”

Greetings were shared as Horikita motioned for Nanase to take the seat on the other side of the table. The discussion had begun.

“I’ll reintroduce myself… I’m Horikita Suzune. Thank you for taking the time to hold this discussion with us today.”

“I─ No, that’s not right… I am known as Nanase Tsubasa. I haven’t done anything worthy of your thanks. Rather, I should be the one expressing my thanks to the two of you.” (TLN: The first ‘I’ Nanase uses here is Boku, whereas the second and all future pronouns she uses for herself in this part is Watashi. I have no idea how to translate it so I’m just doing this to explain it as it’s an important detail later.)