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“? Huh? Uh, that’s fine with me, but, I don’t think I have to be that extreme during club activities, you know? Actually, all I’ve been doing during club time is just learning the controls and rules to each of these games.”

I was just trying to speak honestly and wasn’t trying to be humble, but Tendo-san denied it.

“No, the policy of our Gamers Club was wrong. In your case, it is more important to experience the actual competition rather than learning the fundamentals. If you look at the match between you and Echizen, that much is clear.”

“Hah… Well, I certainly do like competing, but…”

Remembering the exhilaration of the competition, my body trembled. Facing an overwhelmingly strong opponent, thinking desperately of ways to defeat them despite looking up to them, trying out different strategies and getting experience from each attempt, and attempting to make note of their skills and using it myself… At last, I felt what I was longing for since the beginning and exceeded it; you could call it ecstasy.

Certainly, the compressed exhilaration is much better than aimlessly playing games. I feel like there’s absolutely no truth to Amano-kun’s “Slow, fun game theory” that I heard about from Tendo-san. I understood what it meant to confront a strong man for the first time.

…Huh? Confront a strong man for the first time? …Ah, in other words, my growth…

Suddenly understanding what I have to do from now on, Tendo-san smiled broadly as if she was confirming my answer.

“The members of the Gamers Club, except for me, all specialize in a certain genre. In other words, in the week before the competition, you will keep playing those remarkable senpais over and over again—”

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“Are you hoping for a… remarkable growth?”

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In the breeze of the early summer, the trees by the road rustled.

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With the setting sun in the background, and with a confident look similar to that of Echizen’s, Tendo-san declared the name of her strategy.

“Let us start Operation ‘History’s Strongest Disciple Eiichi’!”[3]