Is online writing part-time to make reliable?

Is online writing part-time to make reliable?

Chen Kangtuo reached Shenhua View. He had gone to the 16th floor and did not find Boss Pei. That was why he sent this message.

Since there was nothing to do between now and his appointment at 11 o’clock with Boss Pei, Chen Kangtuo planned to drop by on the 17th floor to see how Li Yada and Bao Xu were doing

Chen Kangtuo found the enthusiasm for work to be rather high on the 17th floor. Everyone was busy. Many greeted Chen Kangtuo upon seeing him. Chen Kangtuo asked about the development of GOG after exchanging pleasantries with Li Yada.

Chen Kangtuo was part of the team responsible for the game previously after all.

Li Yada said, “It’s coming along rather smoothly.

“Dream Realization Ventures put forward a lot of suggestions for modification previously. We only changed a small part, but the effect was unexpectedly good.

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“Most players welcome this kind of ‘easy’ game mode that is easier to learn from the feedback of players in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

“Therefore, we have been busy modifying all the remaining content recently.

“A pity that Dream Realization Ventures would be busy with new missions soon. They would not be able to test out the game and provide us with more suggestions for modification.

“However, He Desheng said he had written out almost all the recommendations he could think of.

“In the following period, our main task would be to continue to modify the basic gameplay, create more characters, and adjust the balance of the game according to these suggestions.”

“The newly recruited group of people has good talents. They are quick in picking up game making so the efficiency of the entire project has obviously improved a lot.”

Chen Kangtuo chatted with everyone in the gaming department for a while, checked the time, and walked downstairs to report to Boss Pei.

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Pei Qian looked at the preliminary plan for the haunted house that Chen Kangtuo had just handed to him in the office.

The name of the haunted house was Thriller Hostel’.

The name was mainly based on three considerations according to Chen Kangtuo.

First, there would be no ghost or superstitions in the haunted house so no words such as ‘ghost’ would appear.