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Neither I nor the adults could immediately react to the scene.

In such a situation, Bro looked back at Skevern…

“I don’t think it’ll end with this, but… you’ll be able to lessen your grudges with this, yeh?”

“Y, you…”

“And… everything else… I’ll leave in the hands of the Empire.”

With a determined expression on his face, Bro grabbed the fluttering Chitsue’s chest and forcibly pulled it.

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This guy…

“Hey, Bro! What are you trying to….”

“I’ll drag him along like this, and turn myself in to the Imperial City.”

“Ha… Haah!?”

“Events and transactions using monsters in this gambling den… I will testify to everything, including any connection with the Anti-Imperialists.”

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Bro’s distinction when he said he would graduate from delinquency.

However, the moment he said that, the adults naturally got angry.

“Nah, this fucking crap!”