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Having received that death sentence, I decided to quietly get down on my knees.

"I understand---I admit---".

Piron. A sound unbecoming of this place rang out. It's because Ryuuen-kun's phone rang right in front of my eyes.

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I don't think he himself paid that much attention to it. But for some reason or another, he lowered his eyes to the screen to figure out the source of the sound.

However, Ryuuen-kun's expression hardened for a moment despite him having kept a constant smile all this time.

He started to fiddle with his phone without sparing me a glance.

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And from that phone, I could hear what seemed like a recording made somewhere with a variety of noises mixed up in it.

"Listen up, you lot. To set a trap for Class D's Horikita Suzune. What we need to do to crush her. I'm going to offer you that strategy. I'll show you something interesting".

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It was Ryuuen-kun's voice.

Is it a conversation from back when he was planning the strategy he would execute in the sports festival?

He was explaining in detail what he had so proudly told me a while ago.

"I don't plan on going against your strategy but give me a chance to fight against Horikita---".

In the middle of that, as though interrupting him, Ibuki-san's voice came up.

"In the obstacle course race, you run against Suzune and make contact with her. Do whatever it takes to make her fall. Afterwards, I'll take responsibility for your injury and plunder some money for you".

That voice was saying that. I have no idea what exactly is going on.