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Nothing to make money online

This was a good sign for Pei Qian.

He clicked on it to check on the gameplay system.

Ever since the 2008 mobile card game craze, Qute Three Kingdoms has gone through multiple updates increasing the gameplays.

However, this template was clearly extremely ancient and contained only the most basic elements such as levels, autoruns and arenas et cetera.

As for new gameplays, there was nothing!

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The entire game just seemed unpresentable.

That was something Pei Qian was pleased about!

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This was the card game template of his dreams! Something that had none of the fun features and wouldn’t stand out in terms of gameplay!

He looked at the price – 100,000!

“... Why is it only 100,000?”

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Now, he wasn’t too pleased with the price – this was too cheap!

If you set it as 150,000, I’d buy it all the same!

However, on second thought, the driving simulator template only cost 20,000. Even though card game templates were more complex and contained a more complete playstyle system, it wasn’t cheap at 100,000 either.

Pei Qian could tell from the download volumes that this was much less than the driving simulator template he had bought previously.

That was a clear indicator that this was overly priced and wasn’t practical either.

Pei Qian hesitated no more – purchase!

This was the type of overpriced product that he loved, something that could help him burn money without getting warned by the system.