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Online Alipay makes money is true

He Desheng continued with joy on his face. “Boss Pei, I did my homework. Agency fees paid by local games companies for foreign games are reaching astronomical figures! “The agency fee for the previous version of Fantasy World was 30 million US dollars, nearly 200 million yuan! “If that’s the case, IOI popularity in the future might even reach the level of ‘Fantasy World’. They want to buy from us at only 35 million yuan now? Not possible!

“Of course, this is also because IOI had just started its testing phase, and Finger Games itself is virtually unknown.

“In short, we don’t need to worry now. The agency fee will definitely increase again as long as IOI’s popularity abroad continues to swell!”

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Pei Qian was speechless.

We’re thinking about two different issues, alright!

Pei Qian’s thoughts were on the settlement of this cycle going down the wrong way if he were to sell it now. There would be no place to spend the 35 million yuan so it could not be sold now.

On the other hand, He Desheng thought 35 million yuan was obviously still too low-that the price would still increase!

Pei Qian felt like selling instead after hearing He Desheng’s words.

However, he gave it some thought and decided that he should not sell.

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In the short term, selling would affect the settlement. Looking at it in the long term, however, if IOI could really make billions of yuan; then why wouldn’t Pei Qian just simply lie down and make the money.

After thinking about it for a while, Pei Qian said, “What I mean is that we cannot sell it. We have to open another company to be fully responsible for the operation of the IOI local server!”

He Desheng was stunned momentarily before nodding his head immediately. “That’s good as well! We’ll be able to hold this cash cow in our hands and let it spin money for us then!”