Is it true if you write novels on the Internet?

Is it true if you write novels on the Internet?


Ruthless, cold, sharp, hostile, the tone is as rough as a guy’s- It’s a girl’s sound. It made me feel all those emotions.

That voice from behind isn’t targeting another direction. It’s precisely locked on us.

“Eh, that handsome guy over there, are you listening? I’ll beat you up if you don’t answer, alright? Okay? I’ll treat silence as a yes.”

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-I took this intimidating aura head-on. It’s not just me…even Amano and the guys, who are not far ahead, immediately froze too.

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We couldn’t move at all. It’s as if someone froze our movement. …In the past, I’ve experienced a couple “dangerous” scenes before. However, this is the first time that I can clearly feel I should admit defeat.

This is not just afraid of death or getting killed. Instead, it’s a kind of “it couldn’t be saved no matter what I do” feeling. I can do nothing but submit. Right, this is an over-absolute violent aura.

…The woman that’s continuing radiating this aura pressed on.

“I don’t really care about your sexual fetishes. But, unfortunately, the ‘ownership’ for ‘that’ belongs to me. …I should say you know this, right? Your favorite toy is being touched by someone’s dirty hands. -No one in this world can still keep a good mood, right?”

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Once we snapped out of it, it’s not just me. …Even Amano and Kousei, …no, even Kase-senpai and Mizumi, who’ve been through hundreds of battles, started sweating by the neck.

-This already has nothing to do with how hostile she is. I’m afraid the existence of the person herself is illogical-

“Turn around, Robo-Tasuku!”