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It would probably be useful to see more so that I could tell Yōsuke about Kei’s current skill level tomorrow.

“Alright. Ready to get started then?”

“Right here, right here.”

I had intended to get into it right away, but Kei began patting the floor right next to her with her hand.

“Come sit here and teach me.”

(Part 4 End)

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For a little over an hour, the two of us studied together in my room as I casually gave Kei advice.

ILLUSTRATION = https://imgur.com/a/GRdiKqx

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All in all, I got the impression that she had a good head on her shoulders, but the fact that she hadn’t been diligent with her studies up until now had held her back from reaching her full potential. Though, I had no intention of pointing that out to her.

If she had simply made a habit out of neglecting her studies ever since early childhood, then I would probably say something to her. However, in her case, she hadn’t been able to receive a normal, proper education due to the bullying she faced back in her middle school days.

She hadn’t properly learned some of the fundamentals that came with a middle school education, so she was having a hard time with her lessons in high school.

Taking all of that into consideration, I’d say she was doing surprisingly well.

Gently guiding her, allowing her to pursue the answers on her own was probably the correct way to go about tutoring her.