2018 online investment most profitable project

2018 online investment most profitable project

For example, allowing such a high firing speed would probably allow experts to become too strong. On a certain level, this would ruin the balance in the game. That was probably why the creators of the game reduced the firing speed.

However, Ocean Stronghold did not need to pay attention to these things. All it was concerned with was allowing the gamers to have as much fun as possible!

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I’ve already made the Red Kilin; are you really still talking to me about balance?

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These elite gamers of Counter Strike seemed to have been let loose all of a sudden. The gaming experience was extremely smooth so playing the game felt incredibly simple and relaxing!

In the end—when they went back to playing Counter Strike, they could not get used to it.

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It was easy to go from frugality to extravagance. Once one got used to playing games with simplified operations, going back to games with complex ones would feel incredibly difficult!

What’s more, Ocean Stronghold did not only have a story mode. There were also all kinds of PVP modes!

Compared to Bullet Hole and Counter Strike, Ocean Stronghold’s apparition mode and biochemical mode were all new methods of playing. This made most of the players feel a sense of novelty!

Of course, these new modes were thought of by Bao Xu and Huang Sibo while they were creating the story mode. The original intention was for them to make good use of the leftovers from the story mode, such as the zombie models and various other art resources. From the perspective of gameplay, these modes were not considered mature. Their balance was still quite bad, and there was much to be improved.

Still, the most important thing was that there was no other game in the market that had similar modes as theirs; there was no competition to speak of!

Thus, many players preferred the apparition mode and biochemical mode to the actual PVP mode, even though they were less fair. Although the balance was horrible, they were purely for the sake of fun. Nobody cared too much. Instead, it made everything much more exciting!

In just a few days, news of Ocean Stronghold spread as quickly as a pandemic in many FPS gaming groups.

After completing her last professional course, Pei Qian finally had time to relax.

He had already decided to go into the office and accept painful news that Ocean Stronghold had failed rapidly.