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Zerey, who was blown away greatly, spread his wings, dexterously maintaining his posture in mid-air.

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「Magic Flute – Slash Chapter!」

As he quickly swung his sword, hundreds of bare blades that appeared suddenly were shot at me all at once. Continuous long distance attack has been my weakness so far. But now, I don’t have any trouble dealing with it anymore.

「Dark Shadow!」

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A giant mass of darkness, like a monster opening its mouth, swallowed all the blades that were shot at me.

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「Tsk, what a really nasty ability…」

Zerey, who cursed me by saying that, seems to have misunderstood something.

「Oi, my attack isn’t over yet, you know?」

The darkness which swallowed the blades, now rushed to its next target – Zerey.


Dark Shadow, boasting fearsome sharpness, rained down on Zerey. Huge clouds of dust rolled up.

When the cloud of dust cleared up slightly,

「Haa haa…」

Zerey was gasping for air as he lay sprawled on the ground, his body bloodied and bleeding.

Perhaps because the maximum damage he can take had been exceeded, his recovery was way too slow.

(That settles the match, I suppose.)

With those injuries, he shouldn’t even be able to stand properly.

(Well then… I have to quickly lift the curse cast on Tenshi-sama.)

The moment when my tension went down,