Online manual processing cooperation is reliable

Online manual processing cooperation is reliable

At an instant’s judgement, I fired seven consecutive flying slashes.

Within a fraction of a second, the 7 Flying Shadow and the 7 Rainbow Slashes collided violently, and a strong shock wave flowed.

(It seems that I managed to offset it safely.)

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The moment I was feeling relieved,

「Absolute Sword – Purple Thrust!」

「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style – Sakura Flash!」

Sebas-san and Bacchus-san, without a moment’s delay, unleashed the fastest attack thus far. The speed of those attacks was exactly what you would call “Godly Speed”.

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(Too fast! Defending will break my mop… Dodging, impossible.)

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Undefendable, unavoidable. A critical situation with no escape.

「It’s our win!」

「You held out this long against the both of us! I truly applaud your sharpened swordsmanship!」Bacchus-san said.

The two were convinced of the victory.

(I really wanted to “prepare” a little more, but in this situation it can’t be helped.)

I sighed in my heart and decided to unleash my “trump card”.

「Second Sword – Hazy Moon.」

As I swiftly scythed down the mop to my side, the slash that I had installed in that space in advance was released.

That slash triggered another slash, which triggered another. Resulting in a chain reaction of slashes.