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"I don't want to touch you either. You gave me your phone, didn't you? I just came here to give it back".

Saying that, red-nosed Ibuki thrust the phone towards me.

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"You could've done it some other time. How long have you been waiting?".

"I don't know......?".

Pretending not to know means she must've been waiting for some time now.

Why is she so fussy when it comes to futile things like this?

I didn't take it. I tried to give Ibuki the slip but this time she grabbed my arm.

"Are you really dropping out?".

"Aren't you just giving me back my phone?".

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Ibuki angrily glared at me when I gave that retort.

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"Remember how you fought with Ishizaki, Albert and the others after enrolling? You said the strongest one is determined by who wins in the end, no matter how many times they've lost before. And it played out just like that against Albert and the others".

"So what?".

"Are you really going to put an end to this after losing once to Ayanokouji?".