Online Money WeChat withdrawal 6

Online Money WeChat withdrawal 6


This girl... goes at her own pace...

“You want me to take you!?”

“Go with me!”

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“Gu, ga... y, you...”

No way, toilet time. And she wants me to go along.

However, I can’t do it by myself...

“Ahaha, I get it, big brother. I’m going too. I just noticed, my bladder is at risk.”

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“Ah! I’m saved. Well, maybe I’ll go too... well, no matter who the next match is ... Mr. Machio will win in the end.”

“Oh, that’s right. Mr. Machio is next. Well, I have to come back really quick. Come on, sister, I’ll take you there!”


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I had no choice, so I decided to go to the toilet, held Amae, and left my seat with Karui.

For the time being, I want to watch Mr. Machio’s match, so I’ll run a little bit.

“Inya~, but the battle of various seniors is exciting after all~”