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「Hmm, that’s odd… Why can you defend against an insubstantial ash sword? What kind of ability is that darkness?」

「Nothing to think deeply about, just a common strengthening-type.」

This darkness has the power to improve physical ability, defense, and healing.

I can manipulate it like tentacles, but… Basically, it can be classified into a strengthening-type for the most part.

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「Hah, bullshit! Just a strengthening ability, won’t be able to stop an insubstantial ash sword… Yo!」

While saying so, he unleashed a variety of slashes – diagonal slash, bamboo slash, upwards slash, downwards slash, thrust – from various angles.


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I evade, sidestep, parry, dealing with each one indifferently.

A terribly dry and boring sword exchange was repeated.

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「Hyahahaha! What’s the matter…? Does you vigour only last at the beginning?」

Gregor has been in this rhythm for a while now.

He just swung his sword in a messy way, and threw repeated provocations.

The president watched the exchanges anxiously.

「…Hey, can I say something?」I said.

「Fuha, what…? If you want to beg for forgiveness, it’s too late!」