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Elder Sis Tsukshi shouted from the audience.

Shedding tears, she screamed with her emotions laid bare.

“We are... what we are today thanks to Mr. Machio! Mr. Machio helped us... and gave us warmth after we lost our parents in the civil war ... taught me the warmth of family... protected us... that Mr. Machio... we are very grateful for his kindness and support!!”

Not only Elder Sis Tsukshi, but the sisters around her nodded with smiles, saying that the whole felt the same way.

“That’s right, Mr. Machio! If you don’t stop that, I’ll never forgive you! Come on, tell him, Amae! You like Mr. Machio, don’t you?”

“Un? Un! I love you, uncle!!”

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“Machio, we’re the same! Please think about your own happiness!”

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“Me too! So do the children in the orphanage!”

“Kora, Machio! You’re big and bold, how long are you going to just sit around!”


“He’s our hero!”

The whole venue was united, and shouted their thoughts to one man.

Mr. Machio was confused and dismayed by the words.

“Everyone... but...... I’m...”

“Ha~...... utterly...... pathetic. I chased after such a man’s ass... seriously.”

However, it seemed that Mr. Machio couldn’t nod, as if he couldn’t change his mind easily.

Then the exasperated Danchok exhaled a sigh.