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Old Ma had been working hard on both work and studies recently. His textbooks and notes were in Dream Realization Ventures.

Pei Qian felt that he could still rescue the other open-book exams that he had yet to take.

Pei Qian casually found a seat to sit down when he came to Dream Realization Ventures. Ma Yang went to get his notes and textbooks.

Pei Qian got a cup of coffee from the coffee machine. He sipped on and looked around subconsciously while drinking from it.

He suddenly realized a problem.

Why were there so little people around? Even He Desheng was not there! It was only past four in the afternoon. It was not even time to knock off.

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Pei Qian was a little confused before an excitement rose in his heart suddenly.

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Could He Desheng and his gang know that Boss Ma was having exams today, and he would probably not be coming back to the office so they took the chance to slip away?

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Look at how reliable the team his bro brought up to be!

Pei Qian couldn’t wait to set these staff up as positive models and promote them throughout the company.

He Desheng and his gang returned as he was brooding over this.

Pei Qian, “?”

He Desheng quickly greeted Pei Qian the moment he saw him, “Boss Pei, you are here!”

Pei Qian was a little suspicious. “Where did you go?”

It would not be so fast even if they did sneak away early and someone notified them. Was it just a coincidence? Did they all go to the toilet together? That was impossible, too. Why would they go to the toilet in such a big batch?

He Desheng smiled and replied, “Oh, the factory in the suburbs of Jingzhou had made a batch of products based on the sample of the shared phone booth. I went to inspect it.”

Pei Qian was even more confused now. “Hm? This should not be your responsibility.”

He Desheng smiled. “It isn’t, Boss Pei…”

“But the shared phone booth is Dream Realization Ventures’ project after all. Zhang Wang will not be able to complete it himself. We are just lending a helping hand.”