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It’s the second Wednesday of March, just a little bit away from White Day.

The after-school Game Club room is filled with a silent yet hot atmosphere.

Of course. After all, right now, in the room-

“Are you kidding me!?”

-Suddenly, Uehara-kun stepped forward. He started complaining and looked around with sweat on his face.

“Isn’t there too many people in the room!?”


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After hearing that, everyone thought, “he finally said it,” and sighed.

Indeed, …we didn’t bring it up just then. However, right now, the room that can only allow a maximum of 6 people-

-There are 12 people in here. The heat is suffocating.

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Uehara-kun sighed deeply and continued.

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“Anyway, the girls camp in this battle, …Main Fushiguro-san, Karen Tendou, Chiaki Hoshinomori, and Nina Oiso-san, are supposed to be here.”