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2. It’s also not because I’ve done anything out of bounds with Aguri-san (I think they kept emphasizing that).

3. It’s more like, they still “love” us.

4. Moreover, they fell in love with us even more on the school trip.

5. However, that’s why they can’t continue dating us.

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“What, I feel like I just skipped a chapter.”

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After Konoha-san heard what I said, she pretended that she’s flipping a manga with her hand in walnut-colored gloves.

First, I replied with a bitter smile as I looked around meaninglessly. We’re on the way to the residential area where Hoshinomori’s home resides. The snow is drifting with the breeze that came from nowhere.

I put my hands into the pockets of my jacket, and then I hid my chins inside my scarf before continuing.

“No, there’s nothing wrong, Konoha-san. I didn’t miss anything. Moreover, your reaction is exactly how Aguri-san and I feel.”

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“Really, I understand. This is quite puzzling…”

Konoha-san said that as she stared at the evening sky, I guess she’s not that interested. Her breaths turned into white fumes right away before disappearing directly in mid-air.

So, she thought about this silently for 5 seconds. “Ay…” Then, she spoke up with a slightly serious tone.

“Honestly, this is a quite common plot in hentai games and dating sims. A mysterious break-up declaration from couples that are hotly in love.”

“Yeah, I know that too. Then, the reason for most of that is…”

“Yep, they want to be considerate to their loved ones. Staying as a couple will endanger the partner’s life due to numerous political factors. …This ‘there’s a price for free love’ plot is really common. Also, personally, I don’t like it. It’s cheap plot writing, don’t you think it’s a joke after watching it?”

“Don’t pretend that you’re hearing my relationship issues out while suddenly complaining about all romantic shows, alright? Anyway, we thought about that too. …However, will that actually happen in real life?”

Konoha-san shook at her and replied with a “no” after she heard me.