Is there a copy of the article on the Internet?

Is there a copy of the article on the Internet?

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Her words hit me, it hurts a little. Nina-senpai then continued.

“A person like this carried a firm belief that can rival ours just rejected the invitation. This is weird now that I think about it, but we only started seeing who the guy really am after that. To put it this way, I realized that I subconsciously became so focused on other people’s “gaming skills” only, this feels embarrassing. But, that was too late in every possible sense. As a result, Kase and I don’t get to meet him at all. It’s giving me goosebumps when I think about Keita Amano every time.”

“That’s why.”

I felt the same way. By the way, although I’ve heard the guy rejecting the invitation, I didn’t know that his sharp rejection was under the stares from such bold members. What’s with the weird courage?

“Even so, my gaming style didn’t really change at all. Although I can accept the guy focus on entertainment, I feel like I shouldn’t reject my own way for enjoyment.”

“Oh, I think Amano will understand as well.”

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“I guess so. That’s precisely why Kase and I felt a bit pissed.”

“I know that feeling. I feel pissed whenever I was convinced by a guy like Amano.”

“That’s right.”

Nina-senpai and I smiled at each other. It was not until now that I realized this person is a beauty. I can’t help but to flustered for a little. That’s why…

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“By the way, why did I just randomly chat to a beautiful girl and enjoy it? Isn’t this the exact reason that made Aguri worried about me?”

“What’s wrong, Fake Umehara? You are scratching your hair so intensely.”

“It’s nothing, I’m just scared that I’ll turn into a celebrity completely…”

“Sorry, what? You sound disgusting. Please tell me that was a joke, Fake Umehara.”