Is it true that the online part-time money is true?

Is it true that the online part-time money is true?

"You're holding a bag from this shop in your hands, I was in the same corner too".

"I see. Indeed it is true, I suppose I shouldn't have even needed to think that" he replies to me. Perhaps he's convinced, but Katsuragi nods and meets my gaze.

"I was in a bit of trouble since I couldn't find the item I wanted, what did you buy?".

"It's no big deal. I just bought one of the chocolates you pushed down just now. I think this shop's set of items isn't bad at all, but I suppose it's up to each individual person to have their own preferences. I would do well to look around in other shops too" Katsuragi answers me.

Then, without telling me who he is giving it too and without me hearing any names, the two of us left the shop.

"Why are you wearing your uniform?". Naturally I'm not going to be mentioning yesterday, but for two consecutive days Katsuragi's been coming here wearing his uniform. It would be the obvious thing to do to ask him about it.

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"It's necessary to wear a uniform if you wish to enter the school building after all. That's why it couldn't be helped" he tells me.

"That means you went to school?". Of course, since I was tailing him, I already know he had gone to school earlier. Now all that's left is to ask him 'who' he's giving it to. In his hands, Katsuragi's still gripping the bag.

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I had thought it would be possible to obtain some information from him, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like it's going to be the case.

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"Ahh. There are also various things I wanted to hand over". He did not talk deeply on the matter, but it seems Katsuragi has something on his mind since he glanced in the direction of the school.

"Have you ever thought about this? The disadvantages in going to this school?".