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Someone was paying the bill. Everyone would surely spend more than they intended to. Tonight, he might pay hundreds of thousands of yuan. To Lin Chang, this was no big deal. He would take it as a greeting gift for Boss Pei. What’s more, he appreciated Chen Lei’s singing.

What made him more curious, however, was Boss Pei’s reaction. He did not look moved at all. He even looked cautious of Lin Chang.

The profits he was making had not gone to his head. Even in the face of such huge success, he could remain calm and collected. He could still be cautious of gifts that seemed to be out of nowhere. He was always keeping an eye out for any risk.

He is just like Ah Wan said. He’s an impressive talent! Lin Chang exclaimed in his heart.

Pei Qian slammed his glass harshly on the table. He had only one thought in his mind.

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The Lin Family and I will be absolutely irreconcilable!

However, on second thought, something was amiss. He could forget about incurring losses now. If he could earn more money, he would be able to convert more.

Thinking of things this way, he began to feel grateful to this Lin Chang. A single move from him might allow Pei Qian to add thousands more yuan to his Personal Wealth.

This was something to rejoice about. Yet, why did it feel almost impossible to rejoice…?

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Pei Qian felt melancholic.

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Translation: botman

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Soon, it was July 16th, the deadline for the formation of small groups.