Is there a reliable in online plus QQ group investment?

Is there a reliable in online plus QQ group investment?

「O-Once more! One more time, Allen!」

The president, Lilim-senpai, and Ria – all three of them hated losing quite a bit, so they didn’t want to stop playing.

As expected, playing millionaire for a whole hour, was a little boring.

(Let’s just lose this time…)

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As I was thinking of that,

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「Allen-kun! Onee-chan promises not to get angry, so be honest and confess! You’re doing some cheating again, right!?」

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The president, who lost her mood after successive defeats, made such a claim.

But this time I didn’t cheat – this was a completely false accusation.

「No, I wouldn’t cheat while playing an honest game. -I’m not the president after all.」


This president is incorrigibly doing it again.

When one game was over and we moved on to the next game.

She sets the millionaire’s strong cards, such as the『Joker』and『Two Card』, to the bottom of the deck.

After that, only when handing out cards to herself, she secretly took it from the bottom of the deck.

It is a technique called『bottom deal』, a cheat that is often used in playing cards.

(Nobody seems to have noticed it, but I overlooked it because it is a small cheat that gives the president a small advantage…)