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Wouldn’t he know who the buyer was after looking at the contract?

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“Boss Che, do you mind showing me the contract?” Li Shi asked.

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“Oh, sure. But Boss Li, why do you want to look at the contract?” Che Rong put down his teacup and handed the contract over.

Li Shi flipped it and fell silent.

Che Rong noticed Li Shi’s strange expression and asked, “Boss Li? What’s wrong?”

Li Shi read the material several times. Obviously, he found it hard to accept this conclusion as well. However, he calmed down and said, “The person who bought your house is really Boss Pei himself...”

“Huh?” Che Rong was stunned. He could not accept it.

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Was that Boss Pei?

He kept calling him ‘little brother’ when he was selling his house!

It was a good thing that he did not talk about his impressive entrepreneurial history just because he looked young. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be so ashamed that he would find a hole to hide in?

Li Shi handed the document back. “How can this be fake? How can I mistake Boss Pei’s photo?”

Che Rong was confused. “But... Why would Boss Pei go there to buy a house? Why would he go there personally? To settle the procedures?”

“This is completely unreasonable!”

Li Shi nodded slightly. “Yes... it’s completely unreasonable.”