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This long review was selected by the official Weibo. It was reposed, but the poster received a surprise gift package with three free games.

Qiao Liang was dizzy. He almost exploded in anger.

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What did that mean?!

Are you trying to snatch my rice bowl?

The way you do it was a waste of material! How wasted!

Many connotations could only be resonated when they were expressed in a certain way.

Qiao Liang was very proficient in this when he made the video. He first set up suspense, laid the groundwork, shed some light and discussed it, and finally revealed the truth.

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However, the official current event was like the extraction of the outline of a wonderful novel, spreading it out in front of readers!

Many things had to be long enough to make them look good so what was the point of just throwing a summary of the story?

However, the official method now was to encourage all players to search for these points in the game and then threw them all out dry!

Players had seen these contents. If Qiao Liang used these materials to make videos, it would become completely different. The players had been spoiled. Many people already knew what you were saying once you wrote it; how could they play like that?

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What was even more exaggerated was that the official Weibo directly said ‘Struggle is a mirror without a clear theme.’

Wouldn’t that be equivalent to admitting that Struggle had no theme?

If Qiao Liang found a suitable theme and explained it in the video, wouldn’t that create conflict with the official definition and prove that he was over-interpreting it?

The multiple blows from Boss Pei left Qiao Liang in a state of confusion.

The many ways of interpreting Struggle were all blocked by Boss Pei through mobilizing the masses!

At the same time, He An also saw this post from Tengda’s Official Weibo account.