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Online betting is true if it is true

“Oh, thanks, Tendou. We should get to her quickly…I wanted to say that, but Hoshinomori seemed to have reached her limit.”


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Hoshinomori’s catching her breaths as she replied. I smiled at her before saying. “It’s fine.”

“I was already planning to go to the arcade with Aguri. The only reason that she ran there… , perhaps she wanted to calm down by herself. We can walk there slowly.”

“…What a trained response from a cheater…”

“Yep, it looks like I’m getting depreciated no matter what I do.”

Forget about Tendou and Hoshinomori’s suspicions, we adjusted our breaths as we walked towards the arcade.

-Just like what I’ve expected, Aguri’s wrapping her arms around her legs next to the vending machine in the store. She’s curled up like a ball as if she’s throwing a tantrum. Tendou, Hoshinomori, and I tried our best to explain what happened today.

Aguri finally calmed down after she heard our explanation.

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She immediately stood up and apologized to the two girls.

“I’m sorry. I’m just freaking out by myself and even treating you two as bad guys…”

“No, no, no. It’s not your fault.”

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“Hey, why are you three sound like that there’s someone behind this hideous mess?”

What’s with the girls in the Game Hobby Club? When did my reputation take such a big hit?