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However, it looked like Hoshinomori-san didn’t have a backup plan. Or rather, the waiter was still saying “Yes, gladly!” over and over again, and so she couldn’t think of any other word. It was the same for me as well.

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In the end, after she finally stopped shaking… when I thought that she would look at me with tears in her eyes, she instead turned around and ran away as fast as possible while shouting out loud.

“I’m sorry for some reason——————-!”

“I am too for some reason————-!”

I replied in confusion to the girl running away.

I watched her leave until I could no longer see her… and then I feebly smiled

“Why did our meeting go that way… I probably won’t be able to talk to Amano-kun either…”

I was probably much more awkward than I thought I was.

For some reason, I couldn’t sit still when I that thought came to my mind.

“…Start with my honest feelings. Don’t start by rejecting them. And then, be genuine like Hoshinomori-san…”

Eventually, I started to make my way back home, muttering the same words to myself as I walked alone.

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Amano Keita

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After Aguri-san and I said goodbye to each other, I returned home, had a quick meal with my family, and took a short bath. I hurriedly went to my room, deciding to go to bed early for today.

9 o’clock, night time. I turned off the lights, covered myself with my blankets—then plugged in my game console. The title of the gal game in the console lit up the monitor. I, the otaku boy, smiled.