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“You didn’t realize that until now!?”

“Y-Yeah, I can’t even taste it earlier. It’s scary to see what love can do to you.”

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She could have eaten the spiciest dish in the world with that ability.

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Aguri-san took a deep breath and chugged the drink. Then, she rushed to the drink corner and poured two glasses of oolong tea. She even got one for me.

We took a sip, then let out a huge sigh again.

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“So?” Aguri-san asked me.

“What are you going to do, Amanocchi? Do you want to stop dating Karen Tendou?”


I don’t know the answer. But then, Aguri-san continued.

“To you, this relationship started with a mistake, Tendou-san likes Tasuku, and you interpreted her accepting your confession as a cover of them cheating, right?”

“Should I be sincere and just clear the misunderstanding then break up with her?”

I went straight into the core issue.

Then, Aguri-san laid her back on the sofa, holding her oolong and took a sip before replying.

“Who knows? I never encountered this situation before. I don’t know what I shall do either.”


That’s right! By the way, no one in this world can mess up as badly as I do anyway. Man, why am I expecting someone to give me a solution?

I fell silent again, Aguri-san continued mumbling.

“But, I don’t think it’s sincere for you to break up with her.”