Why do I find a few more?

Why do I find a few more?

In fact, Chen Yufeng had already spoken to these people over the phone yesterday. Everyone knew very well about this matter. Therefore, they quickly got to the main topic after Chen Yufeng and Zhao Xuming briefly introduced themselves.

Chen Yufeng looked around at the Vice Presidents of the various live-stream platforms who were present today. There were some familiar faces and some he did not recognize.

There were seven or eight people today but there were only three to five platforms that could be sold in the end. However, this did not affect other platforms from joining in the fun.

Chen Yufeng said, “Everyone, regarding the distribution of the ICL league’s broadcast rights, Boss Pei said that money is secondary. The key is still our sincerity. Have you considered it?”

The Vice Presidents of several live-stream platforms looked at each other. Actually, everyone already had an idea in their hearts, but they were not sure who would speak first.

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In the end, ZZ Live-Stream’s Liu Liang was the first to speak out.

“Boss Chen, of course we can agree to Boss Pei’s sincerity. Money is definitely one aspect. We have decided to give 12 million yuan to buy the broadcasting rights for the ICL league.”

“In addition, our platform also has a few live-streamers who are good at GOG and IOI. They are still in the contract period. We’ll give them to Boss Pei as well! We’ll continue to pay their salaries accordingly. Two years of the contract would be equivalent to one million yuan.”

Peng Bin from Waiwai Live-stream was the next to speak. “We’re offering 10 million yuan. In addition, we have a live-stream program. The viewership of every episode is not bad. We can give away the broadcast rights for free. Of course, we also have a few good live-streamers...”

Zhu Yan from Wolf Fang live-stream said, “We have a popular mobile game that is exclusive. It is not very popular but it is still worth a bit of money. In addition, we will offer 11 million yuan.”

Another live-stream platform said, “I’m sorry, Boss Chen. Our cash flow has been a little tight recently. We can offer a maximum of eight million yuan. However... We just happened to have a dispute with a big broadcaster recently. We’ve already shelved him. We can take advantage of the situation and send him to Bunny Tail live-stream. We can use his three-year contract as a compensation. It’s about five million yuan. We’ll pay him the salary while he live-streams at your place. What do you think?”

The bids of the live-streaming platforms were all different. However, they were all worth about 13 million yuan each.

These Vice Presidents wondered what Boss Pei meant after receiving Chen Yufeng’s call yesterday.

Money was not the first priority. It must mean that Boss Pei wanted them to give Bunny Tail more live-stream content!

Anyone could tell that the live-stream content of Bunny Tail Live-Stream was relatively simple at the moment. There were basically no reliable broadcasters. The popularity of the website depended on the GPL and ICL league. Once the competition ended, the popularity of the website would drop by more than half.

Boss Pei’s attitude was very clear since he lacked content.

They could only ask for a portion of the money, but each live-stream platform had to hand over some live-stream content in exchange for the broadcasting rights of the ICL league!

The Vice Presidents pondered for a moment. Boss Pei had repeatedly emphasized the keyword ‘sincerity’. They could not afford to give him less money.

Boss Pei was so calculative. If the price was too low, Boss Pei might get angry and not sell it.